Temple Fork Skies

Red Hot

Playing Hooky

The Belle Of The Barn

Hope Ahead


Heading Home


One Covered Window

Gathered Warmth

VW Bus

Willy’s Jeep

Red Cream

Looking Back

Little Red Porsche

Little Miss Sunshine

Crop Carrier

Coastal Vibes

Peaceful Morn

Whip Cream Clouds

Idaho Riviera

Whitney Homestead

Yellow Case

The Smith’s Barn

Sowing Spring

Ramblin’ Van

Love Bug

Sugar Trip

The Writing’s On The Wall

Pink Cadillac

A Ship With No Captain

Island In The Sun

Desert Driver

Fading West

Transition of Time

How Now?

One Two Double Zero

Gathering In

Dam Building

Follow The Light

The Chopping Block

Today Is The Greatest

High Creek

Ford C-600

Happy Dozer

A Case For All Seasons

Almost Paradise

Guarding The Harvest

Day’s End

Country Curves

Keyhole at Laguna Beach

Goodbye Blue Skies Etude

Harmony In Green and Gold

Heavenly Glow

Cottonwood Shadows

Silver Sunshine Etude

Montpelier Manor

Through The Storm

A Winter Shade of Pale

Cottonwood Clouds

Weathered White

Cottonwood Shores

Slice Of Light

Head In The Clouds

Wellsville Red

I’m Still Standing Etude

A Thin Red Line


Pink Lady

Dining Out

There’s No Place Like Cove

Nibley Sunset

Cutler Reservoir

San Raf Sunrise

Valley Farm

Richmond Red

Spring Hollow

Trail Back Home

Grandpa’s Barn

Awaiting The Harvest Study

Descending Jardine

Tony Grove

You’re Gonna Get Some Hop On’s

The Batmobile

The Midnight Watch

End Of The Line


Cupcake Queen

Old Honeybee

Chevrolet Farm Truck


Ol’ Blue (Ford N600)

Hello Old Friend

American LaFrance

1968 Airstream

Have Spaceship Will Travel

International Grain Station

Old Faithful

1962 Ford Dumptruck

Grandpa’s Graintruck

GMC Graintruck

1960 Ford F-100 Custom Cab


61 Shasta (300 Plates Show)

Old Ford New Feed

Old Chevy

Husky A-1C

Late Night Respite for 7794

Moria Mining Cart

Ancestral Homes (commission)


The Two Towers

Under Renovation

Seems Like Home To Me

Down By The River

Tatanka II


Cottonwood Reflections

Country Stream

White Pine Lake

Panaca Spring (commission)

Teton Skies

Temple Fork Trail

Dusk at Temple Fork

Mormon Row Wildflowers

Fall Sunset

Naomi Wilderness

Salt River Sunset

Gray Havens

Young Trapper (commission)

A Horse With No Name

Golden Hour Cow