Nibley Sunset

San Raf Sunrise

Awaiting The Harvest Study

You’re Gonna Get Some Hop On’s

The Batmobile

Old Honeybee

1968 Airstream

Have Spaceship Will Travel

Old Faithful

1962 Ford Dumptruck

GMC Graintruck

Manhattan Ice Cream Truck


61 Shasta (300 Plates Show)

Spherical Bus (300 Plates Show)

Old Chevy

Late Night Respite for 7794

Moria Mining Cart

Dad’s Old Tractor (commission)

Ancestral Homes (commission)

Portland Lighthouse

Seems Like Home To Me

Texan Blue Bonnets (commission)

Camp K (commission)

Tatanka II


Cottonwood Reflections

Country Stream

White Pine Lake

Panaca Spring (commission)

Teton Skies

Temple Fork Trail

Dusk at Temple Fork

Mormon Row Wildflowers

Fall Sunset

Salt River Sunset

Gray Havens

Maine Sails

Young Trapper (commission)

Connie (commission)

Bill (commission)

The Workhorse (commission)

Bubbles (commission)

Old Bill (commission)

The Thurber Girls (commission)


Space Oddity (commission)

Nolan (commission)

Babushka (commission)

Lotioning And Oiling

Sisters (commission)

Stephanie (commission)

Robert Raphael Sr. (commission)

The Berntson’s


Parading Shriner

Of All My Brothers Mason, I’m The Quickest With A Joke (commission)

The McBride Children (commission)

Laughing My Biblical Name Off

Iron Father and Robin Son (commission)

The Nash’s (commission)

Capt. Sam

Everything Is A Miracle


Oh Holy Night

National Bot


A Horse With No Name