Available Works

High Creek

Ford C-600

Happy Dozer

A Case For All Seasons

Almost Paradise

Guarding The Harvest

Day’s End

Keyhole at Laguna Beach

Trent’s Barn Etude

Harmony In Green and Gold

Cool Shadows

Montpelier Manor

Cool Shadows

Rough Around The Edges

Cottonwood Clouds

Cottonwood Shores

Head In The Clouds

Wellsville Red

I’m Still Standing Etude


Morning Glory Pool

Abyss Pool

Richmond Rise

There’s No Place Like Cove

Liberty Cap

Valley Farm

Richmond Red

Spring Hollow

The Morning Breaks

Grandpa’s Barn

Descending Jardine

The Midnight Watch

Steel Driving Man

End Of The Line


On Holiday

Chevrolet Farm Truck

Ol’ Blue (Ford N600)

Hello Old Friend

International Grain Station

Ford Graintruck

Old Ford New Feed


The Two Towers

Down By The River

Fall In Thayne

Naomi Wilderness