Available Works

Temple Fork Twighlight

Pink Lady

Dining Out

It’s Getting Hot In Here

What’s The Story Morning Glory

Abyss Pool

Richmond Rise

There’s No Place Like Cove

Cutler Resevoir

Liberty Cap

Valley Farm

Mormon Row

Richmond Red

Spring Dam

Spring Hollow

The Morning Breaks

Grandpa’s Barn

Descending Jardine

Tony Grove

The Midnight Watch

Steel Driving Man

End Of The Line

On Holiday

Chevrolet Farm Truck


Ol’ Blue (Ford N600)

Hello Old Friend

American LaFrance Firetruck

International Grain Hauler

Ford Graintruck

1960 Ford F-100 Custom Cab

Old Ford New Feed

Provincetown Fishing Rig

Husky A-1C

Winter Thaw


The Two Towers

Under Renovation

Salt River Bend

Down By The River

Fall In Thayne

Naomi Wilderness

White Pine Walls

The Windup, The Pitch, The Swing And The Catch

Barbie World

SAD Meal (Standard American Dinner)

Gemelos Idénticos